At Havilah Legal we work hard to ensure that all our dealings with clients are open and transparent, so that you are kept well informed as to the status of your case and the associated legal costs.

The best way to get an accurate picture of the potential costs involved with your particular situation and the various options available to you, is to take advantage of our obligation free initial appointment (bookings essential).

During this appointment one of our solicitors will help you to identify and focus on the specific issues of your case and offer some preliminary advice in order to help you ascertain whether or not you require a lawyer to act on your behalf.

This consultation can be conducted in person by attending our offices. Please be aware that bookings are essential for free 20 minute consultations in the office of Havilah Legal.

To arrange your complimentary appointment, please call us or book online now.

Bookings can be made over the phone, or online using our Service Portal.

After the Initial Consultation

After your consultation you will be provided with an information pack along with a Cost Agreement*. We encourage you to review this information along with the preliminary advice provided during your appointment and consider how you would like to proceed.

* Solicitors are required by law to inform their clients about (amongst other things) how they are going to charge, the costs of the work, the expenses you will be required to pay as well as your rights. This is called ‘disclosure’ and must be provided in writing, usually in the form of a letter or Cost Agreement. For further information on legal costs and your rights please see the Legal Practice Board’s website.

Professional Fees

Havilah Legal’s hourly charge out rates range from $220 per hour to $525 per hour, exclusive of GST.

The actual rate charged will vary depending upon the person undertaking the work, the person’s level of experience and the legal and factual complexities involved in your case.

Fixed Fees

For some services, for example certain wills and caveats, fixed fee amounts apply. Please call or email us for further information on our fixed fee services.