In today’s technology driven, email reliant, digitally connected, fast paced world – data or information is currency. It is valuable and should be treated as such. Unscrupulous individuals and organisations exist for the sole purpose of getting their hands on such data to exploit it or make a profit by selling it on to others.

The 2013 Cyber Crime and Security Survey provides some scary statistics around the increase in malicious cyber activity. An important read for all businesses, in order to note the weaknesses identified and to focus improvement efforts on these areas.

Looking at a more micro level there are a number of relatively simple strategies that can be put in place by all organisations, with the overarching aim of mitigating the risk posed by doing business in today’s digital age.

  • Have in place a robust password policy
  • Use encryption for information of a sensitive nature
  • Make digital security part of your work place culture. Train your employees as they constitute an element of risk to the safe keeping of your information and data. This is particularly true in the case of an increasing trend towards bringing your own device (BYOD).
  • Carefully consider the risk/benefit proposition of doing business in the cloud. Specifically in respect to control, flexibility and accessibility to your data.
  • Be across the recent amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 and what it means for the personal information and details that your company keeps and collects.

Bruce Havilah

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