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Is your Will Up-to-date?

Having a Will is one thing but having a Will that is up-to-date, is a different matter entirely…. As most people are aware good estate planning ensures that your assets go to the people you would like to provide for after your passing. Despite the obvious importance of having a valid will in place, there appears to be an overall feeling of reluctance amongst the general population to make a Will, and even further reluctance to update and review said Will. […]

By | July 15th, 2014|Estate Planning|0 Comments

Writing a Will? Yet another reason to have a solictitor draft yours….

A recent case highlights the importance of having a lawyer draft your Will, particularly in circumstances where interests in real estate are involved. Whilst you may consider that ownership of a particular asset rests with you, it may not be so cut and dried in reality, with many assets held in trusts, companies or […]

By | June 7th, 2014|Estate Planning|0 Comments