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Government to extend temporary insolvency and bankruptcy protections

With businesses around Australia compelled to meet extraordinary challenges throughout the Coronavirus epidemic, the Government has taken the decision to extend the temporary insolvency and bankruptcy protections until 31 December 2020. The original scheme was clearly designed to make it harder for any creditor to force a business into insolvency in response to a statutory [...]

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Duties of an employee under whistleblower legislation

The Whistleblower legislation was introduced in 2019 for the protection of any person who has reasonable grounds to suspect that they have information indicating that a company or its officer or employee has engaged in certain conduct that breaches specific acts of parliament that apply to the entity or its officers. Sometimes, people experiencing an employment dispute [...]

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Landmark High Court Decision on Personal Leave Entitlements

On 13 August 2020, the High Court of Australia overturned a decision made by the Full Federal Court of Australia in August 2019, that personal/carer’s leave under the National Employment Standards is calculated in working days, not hours. In Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd v AMWU & Ors [2020] HCA 29, the High Court clarified that: [...]

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Reinvented Business Focus

I am sure that over the last few months since WA locked down and locked out the infectious Covid-19 virus your lives and your businesses changed. Ours certainly did. I want to share with you what we did. Return to our original premises First we moved out of the Perth CBD after a decade of [...]

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Sports Anti-Doping Framework in Australia

Recognising Doping as an International Issue The Olympic Charter and the International Convention against Doping in Sport 2005 was adopted in Paris on 19 October 2005 (called the “UNESCO Convention”). It recognised the necessity for both the; - prevention of, and; - the fight against, doping in sport as a critical part of the mission [...]

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Rights of Married vs De Facto Couples in Financial Proceedings

Most of us know that for de-facto couples, you can't get a divorce without first being married. Recently a client attended our offices requesting assistance with his divorce and the division of the matrimonial assets. When asked what date he married, the client explained he and his ex-partner never got married but they were still [...]

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Should I Conduct a Formal Investigation into Misconduct?

When is there a need to conduct a formal investigation? As a general rule, if a number of employees are involved, there is more than one incident complained about or there are a number of conflicting stories, a formal investigation is essential to ensure reliable findings. If the potential consequences are very significant for the [...]

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‘Risky Business?’ or Just More Red Tape?

Why is a Risk Management ‘framework’ important? No matter what the business decisions or activity, there is inherent risk at every step of the way. A business needs to manage its risks because they have a direct impact on the rewards. Generally, the greater the risk, the greater the possible returns, but taking a ‘long [...]

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Workplace Misconduct Investigations

While every workplace will face the reality of employee misconduct at some stage, it is surprising how unprepared we find most employers are when it comes to dealing with the reality of alleged misconduct. Here are a few of the traps you may encounter with some tips to help you navigate a sound process of [...]

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A Guide to Managing Underperformance

Underperformance needs to be addressed promptly so that it does not become more serious over time and ultimately affect the productivity performance, or culture of the entire workplace. As a manager you need clear procedures, organisational support and the courage and willingness to confront the issue. Below is our recommended approach to managing performance issues [...]

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