paywatchHelping businesses recover outstanding debts quickly.

One of the greatest threats to your business is the level of outstanding debt, money owed to you by customers or clients who refuse or take too long to pay.

It’s a situation that costs many businesses tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and bank charges as they are forced to dip into their overdraft while payments are outstanding. Not to mention the impact on cash-flow – businesses go broke for lack of cash-flow. It’s that simple.

Despite this, many businesses find it hard to chase their debtors, leaving their businesses to suffer as the bills pile up.

Debt Recovery System – Paywatch

To assist in managing the debt recovery process, Havilah Legal has developed an innovative web-based debt recovery system – Paywatch, that provides its customers with a simple, effective tool to recover debts quickly and at a fraction of the cost of most debt collectors (mercantile firms) or comparable legal services.

The early solicitor intervention facilitated by the Paywatch system sees faster recovery of outstanding accounts, with debtors more likely to respond to a letter of demand from a law firm than an over due notice. What’s more no commission is charged on recovered debts.

The system, hosted in Australia and password-secured, allows a business to enter details of their debts online, and have a series of actions taken on their behalf to recover owed money. Clients are kept informed by receiving constant access to the history of each account, and are able to make informed decisions throughout the process about any action they wish to pursue.

For more detailed information about the Paywatch system, powered by Havilah Legal, place contact Debt Recovery Manager  Jan Eastman on 1300 123 729


By combining forensic and accounting experience with investigative experience including due diligence, Havilah Legal is well placed to offer clients and advisors specialised representation and advice in the area of corporate fraud and recovery. Actions of this nature can include; breach of director, trustee and employee duties and will often result in both criminal and civil proceedings.

We can assist you with:

  • Forensic analysis and evaluation of financial statements
  • Assessment of damages, restitution and asset recovery
  • Police liason
  • Review and assessment of evidence
  • Instructing expert investigators and auditors
  • Applications for discovery of evidence from third parties
  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Conducting court proceedings
  • Enforcement of judgements including property seizure and debt appropriation orders

General Debt Recovery Advice and Review of Payment Terms

To review your customer terms of payment to ensure they are legally enforceable – or for general advice about your debts please don’t hesitate to contact us.