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The Layman as an Estate Planner: The Curse of the Home-Made Will

It is the author’s experience that most clients do not understand the nature of their own asset structures. Commonly, they do not understand the separation of legal and beneficial ownership, trust relationships, superannuation and the rights assigned to those relationships. It is also the author’s experience that many lawyers do not understand these relationships or [...]

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Wearing Two Hats – Administrator and Superfund Beneficiary

A recent case (McIntosh v McIntosh [2014] QSC 99), considered the operation of section 52 of the Succession Act 1981 (Qld) which deals with the duties of a personal representative to a deceased individual. This case also considered fiduciary duties as administrator of an intestate estate. […]

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Ownership of the Family Home

The case of Parianos v Melluish highlights issues of asset ownership, in particular the family home, between a husband and wife. […]

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Asset, Revenue and Ownership Protection

The role of insurance in asset, revenue and ownership protection as part of a succession plan. […]

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Plan Ahead for the New Age Pension Deeming Rules

The rules for assessing account-based pensions (ABP) are set to become less favourable with a move to deeming proposed from January 1, 2015. In certain situations, deeming the income from an ABP is likely to create a higher income assessment. […]

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