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Understanding Your Legal Responsibilities

Both parents have equal legal responsibility for their children until such time as their children reach 18 years of age, regardless of whether the parents have separated or not.

This responsibility includes looking after their children and making decisions regarding their care and welfare. These decisions include; who the children will live with and spend time with; school they will attend; which medical procedures they undergo; and other decisions directly related to the children’s well-being.


Child Custody Related Disputes

If separated parents cannot agree and decide upon the times that each of them will spend with their children, the Family Court of Western Australia (“the Court”) can adjudicate which parent will spend time with the children and when. If the Court does not make an order for equal shared parental responsibility, it can instead order that one parent has sole parental responsibility.

Before parents are entitled to make an application to the Court to resolve any dispute concerning the children, they are usually required to attend Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) to attempt to resolve the dispute first.

Whilst the most common dispute between separated parents involves how much time each parent spends with their children, there are many other issues the Court can resolve concerning the children.


How Havilah Legal Can Help

Havilah Legal will assist with negotiation in relation to children’s arrangements, both with respect to who a child will live with and time spent with the other parent; and specific issues such as parental responsibility, education and medical matters. In the event that no agreement is reached, Havilah Legal will represent parties in Court.

In the event that no agreement is reached, Havilah Legal will represent parties in Court.


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