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How can our Family Lawyers help you?

Our Perth Family Lawyers assist our clients to resolve their family law disputes which are the jurisdiction of the Family Courts of Australia.

Our approach is to immediately try to seek a fair solution through negotiation and mediation rather than resorting to court action where the solution is ultimately imposed.

Family Law Services

Our experienced Perth family lawyers provide a range of services, including:

  • Applications for Divorce including (single and joint);
  • Drafting and enforcing Binding Financial Agreements (formerly called Pre-Nuptual Agreements);
  • Disputes regarding spending time with or the living arrangements for Children;
  • Property and Financial settlements following separation including same sex couples;
  • Spousal Maintenance applications;
  • Litigation including dealing with experts such as Independent Childrens Lawyers and experts in children’s matters;
  • Care and Protection applications relating to family law proceedings;
  • Violence Restraining Orders applications and advocacy

How can Havilah Legal help?

Havilah Legal can assist in all matters of family law, including:

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