What is elder abuse?

If you are an older Australian being harmed by a so-called person of trust, you may be experiencing elder abuse.

The abuse could come from your partner, another family member, a neighbour, carer or someone who is living with you. The abuse can occur at home or when you are in residential care.

Elder abuse is wrong. In some cases it may be a criminal offence.

Abuse can include:

  • Financial
  • Emotional or psychological
  • Social
  • Neglect
  • Physical
  • Sexual

You have a right to live safely in your own home without any fear of abuse, violence or being financially exploited. You need to know how to assert these rights.

In the absence of a serious health issue which has impaired your decision making, you are entitled to make your own decisions on any matters affecting you irrespective of your age.

We provide you with comprehensive, accurate and accessible information and advice about your rights. Did you know that you can often prevent some of these issues arising by proper estate and end of life planning?

We help our clients to retain, or reclaim, their autonomy and dignity.

Take advice rather than letting a poor situation deteriorate.

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