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Annual leave entitlements for casual employees

If you are an employee or employer do you understand the proper leave entitlements for casual employees? At Havilah Legal we are often asked about the rights and obligations of employees who are employed as [...]

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Commercial Debt Recovery

As one of Perth's leading Law Firm's Havilah Legal is often asked in matters of debt recovery against a company whether it is preferable to issue a General Procedure Claim in the Magistrates court or [...]

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ATO releases new Practical Compliance Guidelines on Taxation of Estates

ATO releases new Practical Compliance Guidelines on Taxation of Estates To be entrusted to act as a Legal Personal Representative (LPR) of a deceased estate is both an honour and a privilege that carries various responsibilities. One [...]

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Judge Bowler

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Capricious Conditions That Will Potentially be Struck Out by the Court

  There is a large number of examples of capricious and unreasonable distributions that have come before the courts over time. There are far too many to list within this blog. It would be reasonable [...]

By | March 29th, 2018|Categories: Estate Planning|0 Comments

The Layman as an Estate Planner: The Curse of the Home-Made Will

It is the author’s experience that most clients do not understand the nature of their own asset structures. Commonly, they do not understand the separation of legal and beneficial ownership, trust relationships, superannuation and the [...]

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