About Us


The Principal of Havilah Legal, Bruce Havilah established the firm in 1998 (formerly Bruce Havilah and Associates). From humble beginnings the firm has grown substantially – fuelled by a foundation built on genuine service, approachability and the establishment of enduring client relationships – accompanying organisations throughout the business cycle, from formation and market entry, to succession planning and exit, plus everything in between.

Bruce Havilah brings his own unique style, proactive attitude and business instinct to the leadership and management of Havilah Legal, ensuring its success and those of its client’s long into the future.



To be a Role Model for the Organisations’ we Advise

By the way we conduct our own business, we want to demonstrate the very best, progressive business practices, unparalleled expertise and reassuring personal service that business owners should aspire to deliver to their own customers.


To add Value and Deliver Positive, Measurable Outcomes

As a nationally recognized law firm, and the lawyers of choice for small to medium sized enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, we work to genuinely add value and nurture both the business and personal successes of their leaders.

To Remove Barriers to Success

We serve our clients by challenging existing beliefs which are impeding their success and help them to bring about the changes, which will facilitate personal and professional growth, as well as creating quality and prosperity in their lives, business endeavors and throughout the wider community.


Our core values of integrity, trust and value are symbolised in the three plumes that feature in our logo and are demonstrated by all Havilah team members throughout our dealings with clients.

The values of Havilah Legal as outlined below, are complemented by an agreed upon set of behaviours displayed by all members of our team.

Commitment to Quality and Excellence
Quality service through a commitment to excellence.

Respect for and understanding of the interests and needs of each other.

Being accessible and responsive.

Working with each other to achieve mutual goals

Working proactively and strategically to deliver effective outcomes.